POSTED: Monday September 7th 2015

Acclaimed Sportswriter Shines 'Ein Licht' On Germany's Current Footballing Success: "The Bundesliga Blueprint" Now Published

Bennion Kearny is delighted to announce the publication of a fresh, thought-provoking look at how German Football – through their F.A.’s ‘10-year plan’ – has risen from recent depths to dominate club and international soccer.

Football audiences across the world ask the same question: Why do the Germans ‘always’ win football matches? And yet, fifteen years ago, a humiliated German football team exited Euro 2000 bottom of their group with just one point… Yes. Just. One. Point.

Very un-German.

Immediately, the German FA set about fixing things. They implemented changes that have seen a production line of superb talent coming through the system, their club sides lead the way in Europe, and Germany win the 2014 World Cup.

“You could say that we have almost perfected the promotion of young and elite talent in Germany,” explained Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder, President of the German Football Association.

In this fascinating, and superbly-researched book, sportswriter Lee Price distils the entire 10-year plan and examines, in depth, Germany’s unique and impressive football re-ascendance.  With writing that brings the game alive, Lee also provides exclusive interviews with superstar footballers Michael Ballack, Jen Nowotny and Christoph Kramer, and the movers-and-shakers behind Germany’s leading clubs including Schalke, Dortmund, and Paderborn.

Book details:

The Bundesliga Blueprint: How Germany became the Home of Football by Lee Price

Published 14 August 2015 | ISBN-13: 978-1-910515-32-7 | 184pp Paperback| £9.99 | Print, Kindle and iBooks. Product page:

Table of Contents: Introduction | Chapter 1: The Disaster Tournament | Chapter 2: The 10 Year Plan | Chapter 3: The Jürgen Factor | Chapter 4: Jung, Löw: How Germany learned that you can win things with kids |  Chapter 5: Debt prevention rules, OK? The original Financial Fair Play | Chapter 6: Fan frenzy: Fan = friend, see? | Chapter 7: Bor-illiant Dortmund | Chapter 8: Becoming a global phenomenon | Chapter 9: Bayern mighty: The global footballing colossus with a conscience. Kinda. | Chapter 10: The best of the rest | Chapter 11: Culmination, coronation, jubilation | Chapter 12: Follow the Bundes-leaders: what the Premier League can learn | Chapter 13: The downsides | Chapter 14: Conclusions

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